Chains Be Broken

About The Book

Shannon listened as the counselor talked to her mother. He explained that kids involved with cults have a very low recovery rate. Add anorexia, depression, cutting and substance abuse and Shannon was quickly labeled a lost cause. "Be prepared," the counselor told Shannon's mother. "You may lose your daughter..."

Chains Be Broken is a young girl's sudden journey from happy, respectful child to involvement in witchcraft, cutting, drugs, and more. It's Shannon's story, told in her own words. Maybe it is your story, too or of a child or loved one.

The details of Shannon's spiral into the depths of darkness are not for the faint-of-heart—yet her story is full of hope—and the power of God to break even the strongest chains that surround a young person’s heart.

If you are a parent looking for hope for your troubled teen… if you have a friend who is suicidal… or if you are that person, Chains Be Broken will give you the hope and tools you need to journey from darkness to light.

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  • "Wow, what an inspiration! This book has shown me that the power of love and faith in God is far greater than any hurt, fear or darkness that one may ever experience. It is a witness to the power of God and how he is able to heal all hurt and completely bring restoration to anyone - from all walks of life!"

    Tracey Johnson
    Mother of two boys
  • "More and more pre-teens and teenagers are going through life battling issues that they sometimes believe no one can truly understand. Thankfully, there is now a book written not just for pre-teens and teenagers, but for people from all walks of life, regardless of their age, gender, religion or race."

    Sherika Dacres
    Middle School Teacher
  • "This extraordinary young woman has generously shared her personal struggle through pain, despair and self-destructive experiences in adolescence to the other side of enthusiastically embracing life in young adulthood. To read this book is to travel with her and to believe that there is hope for others. I look forward to a sequel."

    Margaret A. Foley LCSW
  • "A deeply moving, thought-provoking story of a young woman who struggles with tremendous and life-threatening challenges in her young life. This book explores an individual's search for identity and fit within her family. A must-read for everyone who has fought depression, loss of identity and eternal questions about the meaning of life itself."

    Karen Jensen
  • "Chains Be Broken is a testimony from a very lovely young lady that experienced drugs, witchcraft, the want to hurt and destroy herself and survived it all to tell her story. Her passion for her faith and love of her parents, friends and other loved ones helped her conquer the bad and live to share her story in hopes that it will help others understand the tactics of the devil and the power of the Lord. What I took away from this book is to always hold on to your faith in the Lord, love everyone and most importantly - never give up. I highly recommend this book to everyone in all walks of life. I love you, Shannon!"

    Connie Isaacs